The following mouse actions are available on the time bar itself, inside the area with the tic marks and time labels. All dragging is horizontal, not vertical.

Left-click Jump to time
Left-drag Scroll through time
Right-drag Zoom
Wheel-spin Zoom
Middle-drag Pan, only after zooming in.
Theme: Lighter

Timeline Demo

This is a simple demo of the Cesium Timeline widget. Select a start and end date below to set the start and end dates of the timeline. You can click on the time bar at the top to jump to the time at that location. You can also click and drag the mouse back and forth to change time dynamically. The current time is shown at the bottom. You can also use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out, dynamically adjusting the visible time span.

The colored bars show the ability for us to specify important intervals of time. Eventually these bars will gain additional functionality, such as click notification and pop-up menus.

Start time:
End time:

Visible Timespan: (none)

ERROR: Start time must come before end time.

Tick position: