new Cesium.FrustumOutlineGeometry(options)

A description of the outline of a frustum with the given the origin and orientation.
Name Type Description
options Object Object with the following properties:
Name Type Description
frustum PerspectiveFrustum | OrthographicFrustum The frustum.
origin Cartesian3 The origin of the frustum.
orientation Quaternion The orientation of the frustum.


packedLength : Number

The number of elements used to pack the object into an array.


static Cesium.FrustumOutlineGeometry.createGeometry(frustumGeometry)Geometry|undefined

Computes the geometric representation of a frustum outline, including its vertices, indices, and a bounding sphere.
Name Type Description
frustumGeometry FrustumOutlineGeometry A description of the frustum.
The computed vertices and indices.

static Cesium.FrustumOutlineGeometry.pack(value, array, startingIndex)Array.<Number>

Stores the provided instance into the provided array.
Name Type Default Description
value FrustumOutlineGeometry The value to pack.
array Array.<Number> The array to pack into.
startingIndex Number 0 optional The index into the array at which to start packing the elements.
The array that was packed into

static Cesium.FrustumOutlineGeometry.unpack(array, startingIndex, result)

Retrieves an instance from a packed array.
Name Type Default Description
array Array.<Number> The packed array.
startingIndex Number 0 optional The starting index of the element to be unpacked.
result FrustumOutlineGeometry optional The object into which to store the result.