Determines the type of Material that is supported by a MaterialAppearance instance. This is a trade-off between flexibility (a wide array of materials) and memory/performance (required vertex format and GLSL shader complexity.


static constant Cesium.MaterialAppearance.MaterialSupport.ALL : MaterialAppearance.MaterialSupportType

All materials, including those that work in tangent space, are supported. This requires position, normal, st, tangent, and bitangent vertex attributes.

static constant Cesium.MaterialAppearance.MaterialSupport.BASIC : MaterialAppearance.MaterialSupportType

Only basic materials, which require just position and normal vertex attributes, are supported.

static constant Cesium.MaterialAppearance.MaterialSupport.TEXTURED : MaterialAppearance.MaterialSupportType

Materials with textures, which require position, normal, and st vertex attributes, are supported. The vast majority of materials fall into this category.